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Float along Lake Champlain on your bike along the Colchester Causeway Park and Recreation Path. This causeway once belonged to the Island Line railroad, built in 1901, which connected Burlington to points west such as Chicago, but has since been converted into a bicycle and recreation path that can be used free of charge. Take in the stunning views of the lake and the Adirondack Mountains while biking up through the Lake Champlain Islands, up past Colchester Point and Colchester Bog, all the way to Mallets Bay. Local Motion, the local bicycle advocacy group in Burlington, runs a ferry service to transport cyclists and pedestrians across the cut in the causeway, a 200-foot gap that was made to allow boats to pass across the causeway, during the summer. Cycling the causeway is a wonderful, healthy, environmentally friendly way to experience the beautiful views that Lake Champlain has to offer.

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