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Perkins Pier is the birthplace of Burlington. It is the site of the first dock in Burlington back in 1783 called the salt dock. Back in those days there were no roads or railroads connecting Burlington to the rest of the world. Lake Champlain was the superhighway of that era. And when the Champlain Canal opened in 1823 connecting Lake Champlain to the Hudson River, that was like extending that superhighway all the way to New York City. The Erie Canal opened in 1825 connecting that water superhighway to the Great Lakes. Burlington flourished on commerce in the lake and quickly became the largest community in Vermont. Perkins Pier was renowned for _______________ Perkins. There is a plaque explaining its renaming in __________ on the water’s edge. Today the pier shelters a small marina, features a monument to Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster and a plaque explaining lumbering activities that made Burlington the third largest lumber port in the United States in the 1870s right behind Chicago and Albany, New York. It is within each walking distance of downtown hotels and it is a great place to observe the lake and Burlington Harbor.

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