Petra Cliffs Climbing Center & Mountaineering School

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Petra Cliffs Climbing Center & Mountaineering School focuses on climbing and mountain-related education and recreation, accessible to all ages and abilities. They offer premium instruction and services through experience-based education, uncompromising attention to safety and customer satisfaction, and an inspiring atmosphere for families and friends to gather for challenge and fun. Petra Cliffs offers a variety of climbing and bouldering for all ages and abilities. Bring your friends, family, or book a group to come climb for a couple of hours or for the day! Have you ever wanted to go farther with mountain adventure? Do you want to learn new skills to make you a safer and more efficient climber? Their expert guides will provide a fun yet challenging learning experience tailored specifically to your goals. Petra Cliffs offers indoor climbing at their facility on Briggs Street and a complete outdoor instruction curriculum, catering to groups of all sizes and to individuals of all ages and abilities.

Our address

105 Briggs Street Burlington, Vermont 05401
44.4524035, -73.21832130000001
(802) 657-3872

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