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The Follett House is an architectural treasure in the classical Greek Revival style designed by famous architect, Ammi B. Young in 1840 for Burlington Merchant, Timothy Follett. Follett was born in Bennington, Vermont in 1793. His mother moved him to Burlington to attend the “University of Vermont. He entered UVM at age 13. He graduated at 17. He was an attorney by the time he was 21, Chittenden County State’s attorney at 26 and a Judge by age 30. But Timothy was an opportunist. He left his Judgeship to go into the shipping business on Lake Champlain and built the Stone Store, one of the oldest surviving buildings on the waterfront today, in 1827. He got rich on Lake Champlain Commerce and built his home, the Follett House overlooking his shipping empire in 1840. The Follett House was the center of social gatherings in Burlington during the 1840s through the 1860s, sort of the Gatsby House of the era. Follett started the Merchants Bank in 1849 to fund the Rutland to Burlington Railroad. Unfortunately the railroad went bankrupt in 1853, Follett lost his fortune and his house to a rival railroad president and died penniless in a sanatorium, in 1859. The Follett house fell into disrepair and barely survived the wrecking ball of Burlington’s urban renewal in the 1960s. It was finally purchased by the Pomerleau Real Estate Agency in 1981 and restored to its former glory. The Follett House is located at 69 College Street very close to downtown hotels.

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