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  • Snow Farm Winery Concerts

    Catch a free concert at Snow Farm Winery, located in South Hero, VT, north of Burlington. Every Thursday from June to September, free concerts of all types of music – everything from bluegrass to classic rock to Mozart — are held at the vineyard, known as the Music in the Vineyard Summer Concert Series, the […]

  • East Shore Vineyard

    With a tasting room right at the top of Church Street, East Shore Vineyard has placed its focus on Vermont grapes as it uses Lake Champlain’s microclimate to its advantage. This vineyard boasts a wide selection of award-winning wines, including a beautiful rosé from the ever-vibrant Frontenac grape and a delicious dessert ice wine. Drop […]

  • Eden Ice Cider

    Eden Ice Cider is a relatively new member of Vermont wineries, specializing in apple wines and ciders. With a penchant for local varieties and all-natural growing methods, these orchard workers are eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. Call ahead for tours and tastings of their renowned selections of ice wines, hard ciders, and Orleans aperitif ciders!

  • Charlotte Village Winery

    Stop by Charlotte Village Winery for a taste of their unique fruit and grape wines. With strawberry wine, raspberry wine, peach chardonnay, and three types of blueberry wine, Charlotte Village offers a taste of Vermont’s potential when it comes to summertime spirits. Come in for a free tasting (Memorial Day through January 1st) with a […]

  • Caledonia Spirits

    “The best fertilizer is always the footprint of the farmer.” Such is the mantra of Caledonia Spirits, internationally famous for their juniper berry-flavored gin. With their genuine passion and reverence for agriculture, Caledonia provides a down-to-earth atmosphere and an enchanting history. Call ahead for tastings and tours, and be sure to ask about their raw […]

  • Boyden Valley Winery

    This charming, family-run winery in Cambridge offers a variety of delicious wines and crème liqueurs. Indulge in a tour and gourmet tasting, pairing custom beverages such as the Big Barn Red (a strong red made with Frontenac grapes) with rich French cheeses and chocolates. For the adventurous, you can even call either Vermont Canoe and […]

  • Fresh Tracks Farm & Winery

    Years of hard work, agricultural know-how, and environmental passion have blended to build Fresh Tracks Farm & Winery. Emphasizing sustainability and local grape species, this winery is sure to grant you a genuine sample of Vermont—both palette- and ambience-wise. Be sure to try their wide production of rosés as well as their maple and apple […]

  • Hillis’ Sugarbush Farm & Vineyard

    Come to this family-operated farm, vineyard, and sugarhouse and try a few of Vermont’s famous products! The motto here is “where wine and maple come together,” and this couldn’t be truer with their maple wines. Call ahead to take a tour and check out this beautiful farm and vineyard!  

  • Putney Mountain Winery

    Local fruit is the name of the game at Putney Mountain Winery. Their close relationships with nearby orchards are the keys to their success. You won’t find grape wines here, but most other New England classics have a home on their wine list! Call ahead for tours and tastings of these critically acclaimed fruit wines.

  • Shelburne Vineyard

    This mindful vineyard puts emphasis on sustainability in their buildings, interior design, vineyards, and even location! Being right off route 7, their tasting room and vineyard is accessible by bus. Walk in for a tour of their beautiful Vermont property and tastings of their award-winning wines!

  • Neshobe River Winery

    If you’re looking for something bold and modern, look no further than this up-and-coming winery in Brandon, VT! With experts from as close as Vermont to as far away as South Africa, Neshobe River Winery brings a selection of classics to the table. Call ahead for tastings and tours at their beautiful riverfront property.

  • Lincoln Peak Winery

    A true artist finds solace and wealth in their craft. This rings true at Lincoln Peak Winery, a family-run vineyard with deep roots in farming and agriculture. With internationally-acclaimed wines, Lincoln Peak is a perfect place for a real taste of Vermont. Drop in for tastings, visit for the jazz festivals, or call ahead for […]

  • Honora Winery

    Community, experience, and nature work in harmony at this beautiful winery in Jacksonville, VT. Visit for one of their many public festivals, such as the Harvest Festival or annual Grape Stomp, or book the place for a wedding or corporate retreat. Be sure to try their selection of red wines, such as their vintage Chardonnay! […]

  • Huntington River Vineyard

    Where hay once grew, now hardy northern grapevines thrive! At this vineyard, the focus is on local varietals and the flavors they have to offer. Let the Huntington River Vineyard enchant you with its rolling hills and greenery. Host a special event here, or simply call ahead to tour the rustic terrain.

  • Snow Farms Winery

    This island winery takes advantage of the microclimate generated by Lake Champlain to grow northern grapes and produce fine wines. As part of the recent movement to get Vermont into the wine business, this vineyard was one of the first wineries to achieve the dream of opening vineyards in the Green Mountain State. Drop by […]